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CGC/CBCS 9.8 Signature Series SS Graded Comic Mystery Box

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Brand: Multiverse Comics

CGC/CBCS 9.8 Signature Series Graded Comic Book Mystery Box

  • You will get 1 Random CGC/CBCS 9.8 Signature Series Graded Comic Book from Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, and/or other popular publishers.
  • Your graded comic mystery box Might contain a Key Issue, Variant Issue comic book, Signed Comic, Double Signed comic, Triple Signed comic, a Signed and Sketched/Remarked Cover, or any combination of the aforementioned. It is Random.
  • Add a display worthy graded comic book to your collection.
  • Publication years range from 1970 until present day.
  • We Do Not Guarantee an eBay value.
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