The world of comic books is responsible for the start of a significant number of well-known ventures. Several titles published by Image Comics have been adapted into live-action films, each with varying degrees of success.

Different people may have quite different ideas about what a comic is. This label has been responsible for publishing both poetic masterworks and violently satirical comedies of the dark. Many of these have the potential to be developed further into full-length stories that involve real individuals. Find comics to read in our online comic book store.

We have compiled ten excellent comic books that need to be adapted into a movie soon.

Seven To Eternity:

This comic is set in a mythical world filled with monsters, wizards, titans, and other oddities, just like an epic in the vein of The Lord of the Rings. In order to free the earth from the grip of the God of Whispers, Adam Osidis is on a mission with a troop of magical warriors. It is up to him to determine what is proper and best for him after that.

Fantasy epics have always been famous, regardless of the period in which we live. JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings was as relevant in the early 20th century as it was when he wrote it over 50 years before. When Game of Thrones was on, fans worldwide wanted George RR Martin to finish his books. While Game of Thrones appears to be ending, Seven to Eternity’s setting is less grounded, making it a suitable replacement for The Witcher’s usage of the same theme.

DC’s Bombshells:

DC's Bombshells

Reimagined versions of DC Comics‘ most formidable female heroes like Supergirl and Zatanna appear with Wonder Woman in the DC Bombshells graphic novel series. Since its inception, the concept has evolved into a long-running comic book series depicting DC superheroes in pin-up styles influenced by World War II paintings. So much attention has been paid to this concept that it hints that it may be the beginning of a solo adventure series, and this outfit design for a number of DC heroes could be huge.

Marvel 1602:

American Gods author Neil Gaiman reimagines the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s characters during the Elizabethan age in Marvel 1602, as he did in Bombshells. The Fantastic Four’s powers come from an ocean vortex, while mutants are referred to be “witch breeds.” Marvel 1602 offers a fresh look at the Marvel Universe, posing the intriguing question of how well-known characters would fit into an alternate reality.

This is not the first time Gaiman has said that Marvel TV was interested in a story set in 1602. Because Disney is only interested in concepts that add to the MCU as a whole, this one was turned down. Based on how What If…? has got so much fame and the development of an animation branch, Marvel 1602 could be turned into an animated film.

Black Science:

Marvel and DC appear to be delving headfirst into their Multiverses in the coming years with WandaVision, Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, and The Flash. However, it won’t be easy to surpass Black Science’s six-year streak of success. Members of the Anarchist League of Scientists include Grant McKay. In the “Eververse,” which contains what appears to be an infinite number of worlds, he and his family are joined by a team of scientists and military personnel in an attempt to discover their way out.

“Dimensionauts” then have to contend with a broken Pillar, which, like in Quantum Leap, transfers them to different universes and offers them obstacles at every turn as they try to return home and find each other again. In terms of visuals, it’s a must-see, but the story would be perfect for a multiseason TV series. If I’ve learned anything, even the best tales and ideas are only as excellent as the people who populate them.

Clean Room:

Comic book writer Gail Simone is well known for crafting superhero stories like Batgirl and Deadpool. Yet, one of her best works to date is an attempt at personal growth. Reporter Chloe Pierce investigates the odd sermons of Astrid Mueller, a best-selling horror novelist and self-help guru, in the series Clean Room, which she developed alongside British artist Jon Davis-Hunt.

The DC Vertigo series, which aired from 2015 to 2017, is not a quick-shock horror story. Instead, it’s an unsettling slow burn in the style of Ari Aster that keeps you on edge and perhaps pushes you to contemplate the terrible secrets that lurk around every corner.

The Comical Tragedy Or Tragical Comedy Of Mr. Punch:

When it comes to authoring graphic novels, Neil Gaiman is one of the best in the business. Netflix is adapting his most well-known comic book, The Sandman, into a film, so there’s a chance that something less well-known will be included.

Mr. Punch’s Comical Tragedy or Tragical Comedy takes place on a visit to his grandparents’ house, where a young boy witnesses a frightening puppet show. Exactly what you’d expect from the author, it’s bizarre, spooky, and humorous in a darkly amusing manner.

The Adventures of Luther Arkwright:

To a large extent, Michael Moorcock’s works inspired Bryan Talbot’s epic opus, and the comics artist Alan Moore received influence from Moorcock as well. It could be the most essential British comic book ever. Big Finish Productions produced a Dan Dare audio play starring David Tennant in 2005, the same firm that produced the other Dan Dare adaptations. In 2006, the rights to make a live-action Luther Arkwright film were purchased. However, those rights expired in 2010, and the film is still developing.

John “Proof” Prufrock:

John Proof Prufrock

One of my friends told me about Proof, “It’s like The X-Files, but Bigfoot plays Mulder.” This is an offer that no one can refuse. However, you don’t need Proof to believe in him because he is a cryptid. Cryptids because he is one. In his first case, he and his new colleague Ginger Brown chase a chupacabra in New York City’s Diamond District after sighting a golem protecting a store there.

However, there are also dangerous moments, like when they discover that their first enemy is a human disguised as an animal. As long as they can locate a guy with a lot of hair to play the lead, this might be the beginning of a massive movie franchise.

Through The Woods:

The lack of outstanding horror anthology films is because directors aren’t searching for ideas in the proper locations. There are enough horrific scenes in Emily Carroll’s collection of twisted fairy tales to fill a feature film.

Through the Woods features five progressively spooky and eerie tales, including a father and kid on a monster hunt and a newlywed bride haunted by odd noises in her new husband’s castle. To keep you awake at night, not only because they are scary but also because you want to see them in the flesh.


“Femme fatale” is a play on the term in the comic’s name. There is a great role model in Josephine (Jo), one of these women. Men who are in awe of Jo’s abilities from the 1930s to the present are the focus of most of the book.

To complicate matters further, she’s constantly being held back from fully comprehending her abilities due to a cult’s attempts to kill her and bring Cthulhu-like gods to life. Lovecraftian monsters, a strong female lead, and action-packed moments are the perfect elements for a great film.


Movies based on comic books have grown in popularity since the twenty-first century. Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and the Mutant Ninja Turtles have all been in movies. Still, the comic book genre came into its own in this decade. It’s been an excellent success for smaller publishers such as Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, and Valiant to adapt their works for the screen. However, a few shows have the potential to be made into movies or perhaps a series. Find all comics mentioned above here.