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Graded Comic Mystery Boxes are fun monthly or one time purchases. Most collectors enjoy them but kids love mystery boxes!

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We often put exclusive comic book variants with limited copies printed in our graded comic book mystery boxes. Comic books with variants covers can sometimes be rare and very valuable.

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Signature Series

Ever tried a graded comic mystery box? Often online comic book retailers will offer CGC or CBCS signature witnessing and grading services for comic cons and we includes these in some of our boxes. Graded comic books that have had signatures witnesses are great pieces to add to any collection!

Graded Comic Mystery Box

Key Issues

Our comic mystery boxes sometimes include key issues! Key issues are comic books that have a significant event occur in them like the first appearance of a new character.


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What is a graded comic book?

Comic books are graded using both descriptive categories and a 0-10 rating system. If your comic is in flawless or nearly flawless condition, it might merit a grade of “mint” or “near mint.” This condition applies to perfectly flat comics with supple paper, a glossy cover, and no obvious wear.

How much does it cost to get a comic book graded?

The grading fee varies depending on the age and value of the comic, ranging from $22 to $120 for most books. Comics with a fair market value above $3,000 however, are charged on a sliding scale of 3% of the book’s value (minimum $150).

Are there any 10.0 graded comics?

There are 256 different comics in the list, some duplicate CGC 10 so the total number of CGC 10 slabs 1949 to 1999 is 547. Earlier labels noted the grade as CGC 10.0, but the current standard label states CGC 10.

How do I get comics graded?

Anyone who becomes a CGC member can submit comics directly to CGC to be graded. That means everyday comic collectors have the ability to have their comics certified and graded.

Who does comic book grading?

CGC and CBCS use a standard 10-point grading scale to grade comic books. Neither company publicly releases how it grades its comics, but as CGC has graded over 5 million comics since its inception, there are plenty of examples in different grades to gauge a book’s standard.