Isn’t it interesting that the best comic books of the 80s came out at the end of the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Modern Age? During the Bronze Age, comics began to focus on pollution, drug misuse, and poverty. In the last few years, the prices of some 1980s comic books have begun to rise in value. In part, it’s because grownups from that era now want to own the earliest versions of their favorite characters from comic books and pop culture (call it nostalgia). TMNT #1 is regarded as one of the most collectible comic books by all comic book nerds.

Since then, independent comic book publishers have grown in popularity, partly due to modern comic book stores and social media. Using ebay sold values we have compiled a list of the most valuable comics published in the 1980s. See our list below of the most sought-after 1980s comic books.

Gobbledygook #1 (1984)  $1,100.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made their print debut on the back cover of this extremely rare issue. This comic has been sold only two copies more than ten times, even if the Overstreet value isn’t that high. In this comic, we saw how teenage mutant ninjas made an appearance, which is why this comic is famous.

Mirage Studios, the joint venture between Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, has released its first comic book with this issue. They could only make a small number of copies on their professional photocopier. Hence the demand for this comic book is higher.

Gobbledygook #1 comic

Gobbledygook #1 comic

Amazing Spider-Man 238 (1983) $2,350

Green Goblin’s tools are being sought after by a sinister stranger. What kind of person does this guy appear to be? This cartoon was worth reading because of these questions. This comic, published in 1983 and featuring the first appearance of the Hobgoblin, almost went unnoticed until collectors began saving copies in the early 1990s.

While a near-mint copy that hasn’t been graded can sell for $100+, a 9.8 CGC copy is likely to retail for $1,000+, while the more rare newsstand editions fetch over $2,300. Comic books from this era are known for their abundance of water, and this one is no exception.

Amazing Spider-Man 238

Amazing Spider-Man 238

Wolverine Volume 2: #1, (1988) $841

The only way to know how much a comic is worth is to see how much someone is willing to pay. Wolverine is frequently included in lists of the best comics and has been among the most valued comics.

Wolverine faced out against a band of pirates in the premiere episode of a new series. Men’s penchant for lethal aggression and pessimism quickly made him a prototypical antihero in comics. The estimated value of this comic book is $841. Visit here for more details.

Albedo (1984)  $10,000.

We’re now moving on to the rarest books. Albedo was released by Thoughts & Ideas in 1984. In the absence of Usagi Yojimbo, a new character introduced in this issue, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series would have failed miserably.

For this reason alone, it is extremely rare to find the first edition of this book in pristine condition, making it even more valuable. Even still, a 9.8 CGC comic book would be worth close to $10,000 if it were to surface (and there are a few such examples). This book has a lot of value even if it isn’t graded and is in near-mint-minus condition.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (1980) $15,000.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Due to its enormous popularity, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 has seen a significant increase in its Metacritic rating. While it’s impossible to imagine that this 1980s cast will appear in many more films, it’s clear that they’re impacting moviegoers over the age of 40. Fans of the Turtles will go to any lengths to maintain their position atop the leaderboard.

The initial issue of TMNT #1 is extremely rare. The CGC estimates that there are just about 600 unrestored graded copies. Even if high-quality copies aren’t precisely a rarity, they’re pricey. The most valuable comic book from the 1980s is a 9.8 with a price tag of more than $15,000. If you’re interested, buy it from an online comic book store.

Amazing Spider-Man # 252 (1984) $500

Marvel Comics introduces Spider-costume Man in this 1984 issue. Is it dark for a reason? Was there something it was trying to cover up? As a result of the overwhelming response, this comic book quickly became a huge topic. Fans eagerly anticipated the origin of Spider-Black Man’s costume. Many people have been interested in finding out what happens since the first indications appeared in fan publications and Marvel Age #12. Only the suit’s special abilities increased interest in its origin. A CGC 9.8-graded book can go for $500 if it’s near-mint. Near-mint copies are currently more than $100.

New Mutants #98: (1991) $1200.

This is a comic strip that I’ve been a That Merc with a Mouth with a Sword makes his debut in Deadpool! This issue also marks the debut of Domino! A lot of people enjoy reading this comic for a variety of reasons. The book’s price began to rise throughout the following decade. Things took a wild turn as word spread about the upcoming film.

In 1991, Deadpool, one of Marvel Comics’ most contentious characters, made his first appearance in a full issue. In 1991, no one expected a cinematic adaptation of the character. Still, Marvel delivered a masterpiece with 2016’s Deadpool, a tremendous box office hit. On eBay, you can get a near-new copy of New Mutants #98 for $200. CGC has a copy with a grade of 9.8 for $800. CGC 9.8 copies went for more than $1,200 each during the movie’s promotion in 2015.


Although it is obvious now, it is difficult to predict whether or not 1980s comics will remain popular in the future. To sum things up, it’s best not to worry about the value of your possessions. There will be others who enjoy the same comics as you do and all the multiverse versions of characters.

The worth of the books you enjoy is likely to rise without much effort. In the end, speculation is to blame. Buying comic books as an investment is risky, so do your homework first. If a 1980s book is worth $200 today, it may only be worth half that today. If you have any questions about comic book prices or investments, visit an online comic book store.