If you’re new to comics and looking for comic books for beginner readers, don’t worry; we’ll walk you through them step by step. When it comes to a book, it is all about displaying the material via the use of words. Still, when it comes to a comic book, it is all about displaying the content instead through the use of images.

At any point in time, you are free to switch between viewing photos and listening to audio. It is up to you to decide in what sequence you read the text and then examine the photos; there is no inherently superior or inferior method. Don’t give in to the situation’s temptation to become overwhelmed, and try not to worry an excessive amount about it. It may take some time to get used to it if you are unfamiliar with it, even though it is not difficult.

We have compiled a list of comic books for beginner readers which you can choose from to start your comic book reading journey.

Best Comic books for beginner readers


Before Watchmen, most comic books were meant to be humorous and cheerful. There were many too many and very visible color combinations, and the dialogue could not be understood. The publication of Watchmen brought about a sea change in every aspect. It was a book solely intended for adults, was political in tone, and made fun of the comic book business simultaneously.

By poking fun at the characters from Charlton Comics, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons made a fundamental contribution to the development of the comic book medium. The comic Watchmen explored the ways in which superheroes could affect the World in the actual World and how the general population could react to these changes. The story opens with what seems to be a plan to eradicate or do away with the existence of all superheroes.

The Sandman:

The Sandman

Neil Gaiman is an author well-known for his works, such as American Gods and Coraline. His best comic book is called “The Sandman.” This indicates how much he enjoys telling others stories and touches on a wide variety of subjects. The story of Sandman revolves around Dream of the Endless and his dream realm, which is a place where anything is possible.

As a result, the story jumps from a gathering of serial killers to images of India taken from the Arabian Nights. Sandman is a favorite among many people. In 2019, DC Comics resurrected the Sandman brand as part of its efforts to expand the Sandman Universe.

The walking dead:

There is a television show with the same name. Still, the comic book and the movie are pretty distinct in significant respects, making it beneficial to read the comic book rather than watch the movie. Fans of the drama who have previously seen it shown on television are really interested in seeing new characters and perspectives.

Even though both works feature a group of post-apocalyptic survivors traveling across the United States, the comic is more interesting for beginning readers because it depicts famous people in various ways. This keeps readers interested even though the plot remains the same. The comic book’s lovely visual style and touching story will entice new readers to pick it up and read it.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World:

It’s hard to think of a better place to begin reading comic books than with Scott Pilgrim versus the World. This comic manages to be both hilarious and moving simultaneously. Scott Pilgrim is a lazy musician and part-time slacker who lives in Toronto, Ontario, and is a member of a band in which he plays the bass. He serves as the series’ primary protagonist for its whole.

He is head over heels in love with Ramona Flowers, an American delivery girl. Still, in order to win her heart, he must first triumph over her seven evil exes. The film, directed by Edgar Wright and released in 2010 under the same name as the comic, is a faithful adaptation with a different story and atmosphere.

The Incredible Hulk:

The Incredible Hulk

If you’ve never read any comics before, “The Incredible Hulk” is undoubtedly one of the best places to begin. He is one of the best Avengers and an important part of the team. These fantastic comedic novels will keep you on the edge of your seat with the excitement of his violent affairs as well as the emotional roller coaster of his moral struggle. In addition, they feature team-ups with the various other Avengers.

Kingdom Come:

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have had countless stories about them. It’s possible that you could do this by finding one of the fascinating Elseworlds stories that include a large amount of all three components. In this tale, we learn how far significant figures may fall and how hope endures even in the worst of situations when faced with the heartbreak of losing someone you love.

The sequential art for this book was done by none other than Alex Ross, making it one of the rare occasions when he has done so. In the film kingdom comes, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and a number of other heroes face up against a new generation of heroes who refuse to back down. This battle is decisive, and its outcome will determine the entire World’s future.

Ms. Marvel:

A young Kamala Khan, who has been playing the character of Ms. Marvel since 2014, is evocative of the best Spider-Man comic books from the 1960s. Even while I’d encourage any serious Marvel comics reader to check out Steve Ditko and Stan Lee’s Amazing Spider-Man work from the 1960s, it’s apparent that these books are from more than 60 years ago.

Ms. Marvel is one of the superhero novels from the Big 2 (Marvel and DC) with the most variety. Best of all, G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona have developed Ms. Marvel, one of the best Marvel series since it launched. It will be more fun to read because it’s now a TV show.

The dark knight returns:

In the 1980s dystopian novel by Frank Miller, Bruce Wayne is a middle-aged man living in a Gotham City overrun with criminal gangs. Both Christian Bale and Ben Affleck contributed to the development of this sinister and terrifying version of Batman.

The majority of fans of DC Comics’ Dark Knight series agree that Frank Miller’s novella spanning four issues is among the series’ most memorable examples of the character. It depicts the decade of the 1980s in a manner that is gritty and true to life.

Doom Patrol:

In the DC Universe, the Doom Patrol is a group of heroes, but it is so much more. In 1963, Arnold Drake and Bob Haney created the artwork for the first issue of Doom Patrol. This famous comic book series has had several relaunches and reimaginings. Instead of giving them superpowers, the Doom Patrol is comprised of outcasts who have been cast aside.

These outcast superheroes are known as the Doom Patrol. Due to their unfortunate beginnings, they are generally despised by the general populace. The Chief could take care of most of the team’s medical needs as a physician while offering them refuge on his estate. People call them the “Most Bizarre Superheroes in the World.”


If you’re feeling daunted by the sheer number of content, know that you’re not alone in your feelings. You should know that no matter your interests, there are comics out there that you will enjoy and people who are passionate about comics and would love to talk to you about them. The most acceptable part of discovering a new favorite book is sharing that discovery with others. You know you have the bug when you see yourself doing this. You can find all the books at the online comic book store.